Dr. Kyle Elliott

Dr. Kyle Elliott is a chiropractor, and a native of Los Gatos who has honed his skills in order to help the people of his community enjoy healthier, more active and pain free lives.

Dr. Elliott received his bachelors of science degree in physiological science from UCLA, and then graduated magna cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. Dr. Elliott now practices in San Jose with his friends and colleagues Matthew Trujillo, owner of Trio Therapy, and Dr. Irene Kane, DAOM, L.Ac., DiplOM

Dr. Elliott’s philosophy is that slow and gentle changes to one’s lifestyle will result in a truly lasting improvement. He treats everyone as he would be treated, and works with you to fit your plan into your lifestyle in a way that is realistic for you. Dr. Elliott is not the typical ‘2 minute adjustment, in and out’ kind of chiropractor. With his background in physiology and body mechanics he will try to identify postural, habitual, and environmental influences that might be impacting your health, and come up with a plan that involves chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitative stretches, exercises and activity modifications.

Dr. Elliott has the philosophy that health maintenance requires a team approach, and he enjoys working with your existing practitioners to develop the best plan for you. If the solution to your problem lies in another specialty, he has a complete list of excellent referrals to fit your needs. His top priority is finding a way for you to meet your health goals safely and efficiently, and have partnered with practitioners from a wide range specialties who share their philosophy.